Contentment is the key.

For those of us thinking of life is nothing but stressful and tiring. Try to think of the situation of others who aren’t blessed as you are. To be honest since then I have been so insecure of so many things and that I forgot to accept the things that are just there. Yes, it is innate to people to expect for more, but if you’ll always this kind of person who’s not satisfied those you’ve have enough. I think you need contentment. Awhile ago I was on church, though I’m a bit sleepy during the homily (shame of me 😐 ), I remembered what the priest have said, huwag kang mabuhay sa inggit. Just a brief overview the gospel today revolves around the distribution of God’s blessings, I reckon. Its up to us how we can utilize that blessing, if we are to share it happily or just hide it boastfully. In short we really have to be thankful for what are we having right now. Stop complaining! Start accepting. Yes I guess I will start living my life without thinking why others have those, why I don’t have them. Instead, I will just be thankful for all the blessings that we’re currently enjoying. With that in mind. Maybe our life will be worry free. 🙂


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