happiness comes when you start accept things

have you ever had this feeling that you saw someone and then look at yourself and suddenly feel sorry for yourself? a feeling that some guys would feel if they aren’t blessed with ideal height, body and hair. well as for me, i always do. never gone a day that i look at myself dreaming to have that perfect body. well that’s one aspect of my dilemma. another one is the gadget. well i think majority of us wants to own all the latest gadgets that’s available on the market. although i still have usable cellphones that can basically call and text i always opt for something more cool and stuffs. or do you not believe on your capabilities always thinking of what if i can’t? what if they don’t like it?

the first two are just luxuries. they are not that needed in order for us to survive. though we can still have them provided you have extra budget for that specially the budget. as for the body physique I’m just pampering myself and looked at it as if a blessing as I am like student. as for the last, they are just insecurities that doesn’t help you to grow as an individual.

we cannot get what we desire if we never stop complaining. of course we have to work hard and put an effort on things we want to achieve. if we continue to think of something negative it will just attract all those negative energies that could end up on your defeat. i just realized that its true that happiness comes when you start to accept things ‘coz without acceptance there is no contentment. as for now i will be more positive and will try to scrap those unnecessary things that is not that important specially on my career.

may all of us learn to be contented so that we can start to live a happy life with less worries and fear of being judged. for all we know we always have HIM (GOD) our number one fan. aside from our family and friends that always there to support us. stop complaining be happy! Happy Halloween. Enjoy your day 🙂


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