Free writing/typing

This is a free typing post wherein I got to say anything that pops out of my head. At the end of this post I wanted to feel happy because I don’t know I just feel that I am the most unworthy person in the world and that I live here with no purpose at all. All I ever wanted is to give everything that I could just to satisfy my family’s need. I wanted to let them feel how special they are. That I am always here ready to lend a hand in case of help. This free typing supposed to be full of emotions full of happy thoughts and memories but the type of feeling that I am having right now is the feeling of uncertainty. I don’t want you guys to read this such a nonsense post and promised that next time I will be having a more meaningful post than this one. But I do suggest that if your feeling heavy that weird feeling and you don’t have someone to talk to just pick a piece of paper and a pen in my case in front of computer and type whatever you feel whatever you wanna say. I assure you that will make you feel light I remember an advertisement, Gawin mong light. Thanks for time reading don’t bother even if your not bothered at all. 😛


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