At First

Early this morning I woke up to exercise my right to vote…

Though this election is so remarkable because of the so called AUTOMATION the process of waiting is still the same… SLOW Open-mouthed.. We arrived at Ramon Magsaysay Elementary School before 7AM and finished voting at 10AM. As what I have observed, one common problem is that there are limited number of PCOS (Presinct Count Optical Scanner) whereinone machine per 5-6 precincts. Good thing to see is that their priority is the elderly and the pregnant women Wink

There are around  10 people per clusters (group of 5-6 precinct) 4 as Marshalls; 1 for ballot dissemination; 1 for monitoring of PCOS; and 1 for verification after voting. The way I see it, the process will speed up if per each cluster there are allotted PCOS machines in every precinct. Probably because of the limited number of machines. If I’m going to rate this year’s election from the scale of 1-10… 7. As we should expect the counting will not last for a week because the PCOS do the counting, the consolidation of each vote from different clusters across the country is what we are waiting for.. It will just vary on the transmission of those clusters on how long the accumulation of votes will last. Hoping that this year’s election would be the cleanest one.

The mark of the indelible ink on our fingers symbolizes our freedom to choose because we decide for ourselves of who deserving to serve us. Let us all pray for the sake of our country that the next line up of leaders will be true to what they promised during their campaign.

May God Bless Us All.


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