Eye Opener

My last blog mainly focused on my worry about the people that I may encounter on the company where I’m hired as a trainee. But then those drifted away as I got to know my superiors on that company mostly on ITS (ITS? until now I don’t know the meaning of this acronym). My first week of  stay at Philweb corporation what I do is to format PCs and install some Computer Applications. Sometimes I do system test on  the site they are developing. What struck me the most while I’m riding MRT a couple of days ago is that OJTs thought as one thing, to be able to prepare us students in the event that we will be hired as an employee. Also to help us understand one thing, that you must strive hard not only for your salary, but to prove yourself that you have done something in your own. Honestly I got conscious to the expenses that I’m spending since Philweb is far from our place so I must be careful in handling my money one wrong move I will be walking by foot pag uwian na..Open-mouthed

Monday will be another chapter of my OJT experience for I’m going to meet my co-trainees  too. Wish me luck !Open-mouthed May God bless us always.. Wink


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