At First

I really have this strange feeling as I’m looking at each stations hoping that
Magallanes would be the next stop Monday morning(04/06/10). It is my first time
to go to the place which I don’t know and my first to ride MRT all by myself. I
feel like I’m really a professional that time. The feeling became so strange as
I reach my stop, The Alphaland Southgate Tower. I know the strange feeling now
the feeling of curiosity, doubt and fear. Curiosity because I wonder what would
I do to that company, of how can I be treated. Is it a school type environment?
Can I their demands? Things like those. (That is my first time to apply for a
company I forgot to mention)

Doubt because I’m afraid of how to assert myself to people, their work place
looks like a typical office place that I’ve seen on TV, can I accomplish clearly
my task? Would I have a good relationship with boss? the what if questions…
definitely is what I fear the most… But as I went out the office after my
superior told me their specific workplace, I have this feeling of being mature
and think of my future as an IT Professional. It then then when I realize that I
really have taken the right course, this is what I wanted. So it matters now to
me of how will I become one of the successful IT Professional within the



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