Summer Outing 2010

Yearly, our very own Tita B organize a family gathering in the beach usually
during the long weekend. The location of  course in the hometown of my
grandmother, Pangasinan. We arrived at Bolinao at around 5am (Friday) at Bing’s
Beach Resort. At first it all goes smoothly some of my uncles have there
sessions of drinking there, nieces and nephews enjoying the clear blue waters of
Bolinao Beach. Until the dawn came, there was a commotion between my cousin and
‘Bakasyonista’. Wherein the former, because he’s drunk he unconsciously urinate
inside the room that the latter is staying. Actually, my cousin did it twice,
for he thought there are no people inside that room. My cousin kept on asserting
that he did nothing wrong while saying offending words against the
‘Bakasyonista’. The colleagues of the Bakasyonista heard what my cousin said and
so they form a group and seemed discussing as what my uncle saw. So to prevent
something worse to happen, our Tita B, decided to leave the place even we
reserved the place for three days. What’s unusual when we leave is that, there
are police mobiles and cars following us. Luckily we found Coco’s Beach Resort
maybe a couple of blocks away from Bing’s where we spent our night (Friday). I’m
so happy that though our stay in Bing’s end up like that, Tita B made an effort
to preserve the fun. So at Coco’s we found a small paradise hid by lots of
coconut trees, the set up is great. Saturday morning came, we even saw the
beauty of the place, my grandfather treat us in a Balsa ride.
The experience is great and unexplainable. You might be surprised though you
thought you’re too far from the shoreline, still the water level is only two
feet. Because the landscape of the Beach is that there is a long bed of rock
embracing the  shoreline that is why the waves also is not frequently


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