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Being part of the LIVE@edu program of Microsoft is a very
exciting experience.It is a once in a lifetime opportunity that will
exposed you in various activities that will help you in developing your
full potential.

It all started with a short briefing of what LIVE@edu is, after I was
endorsed by Engr. Garry to be an Ambassador of the said program, until
we help disseminating 8000 email accounts exclusive for PLM students.
Then the College of Engineering and Technology week came wherein our
organization participated on the Society Exhibit. Together with
Linel,JPCS President, we are the presenters of the said exhibit. Of
course I presented the wonders of the PLM email with its awesome web
applications. And Linel presented the wonders of Windows 7.

As I have experience the wonders of the so called Information Age, I can
say that humans are so intelligent. For they are able to developed
things that communicating with other people in any part of the world
possible, provided that there is an internet access. Before the purpose
of email, basically for sending messages online. However, Microsoft’s
Windows LIVE is different from those emails.

For it is designed for educational purposes.

    • Sky Drive- 25GB online storage space


  • Office LIVE- online collaboration tool that creates workspaces



  • Outlook LIVE- 10GB inbox space, 10MB email attachments



That is why I encourage you to support this program because I know it is
functional specially for paper works in school.

I have never experienced how LIVElier an email
has until when Windows LIVE was introduced to me.

Experience LIVE now!!!



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