The Awakening of a Food Blogger in Me Feat. The ARKIPELAGO Food Park

Most of the people closed to me knew that I’m more of an Instagram person now. Liking cute dogs, artist and fitspiration, watching mobile legends savage kills, joining photo-community events, etc. Sometimes, I engage myself on so called social media influencer’s promos in the hopes that I might get free stuff. πŸ˜‚ Anyway, one fine […]

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Hey! Batulao!

I always get excited when my dear friend Lory invite us to stay overnight at their house in Batangas because I missed seeing lots of trees instead of tall buildings. Of course hiking will not be absent since we all loved mountains. Last time we did this was when we trek Taal. We arrived late […]

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I go! UGO! We Go!

Finally after months of waiting I was able to hike before new year. I couldn’t help it but felt relief to see the rocky and muddy trail with the pine trees everywhere and a bonus of cool breeze typical on Benguet Mountains. The mountain I’m talking about is the Mt. Ugo. Hiking is my way […]

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Once More, Indochina Adventure

I was a little hesitant when I was invited to join a trip again to Indochina because I’ve been there last year. Even so I still booked a ticket because I wanted to maximize the experience. Weeks before our departure date, I’m still having doubts whether I’ll join or not, until we paid for our […]

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A Complacent Adult’s Note

Life for meΒ is work to pay bills, eat, invest and save, travel and socialize. Before, I thought after school is the end. I’ll be happy and live my life to the fullest. But I was wrong because it’s where the real struggle starts, a struggle on how to prolong your existence before your time runs […]

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